Utopia Records - Pure Imagination Vol.2 Compiled by SixSense

Author: Juggler
Date: Apr 21, 2005
Score: 8/10

Utopia Records – Pure Imagination Vol.2

Cover Artwork:

Track list:

No.: Artist: Title: Speed: Duration:
1. Freaked Frequency  51 Times  145bpm  6:34
2.  Sixsense The Hive 147bpm 7:34
3.  Ananda Shake Intensity 146bpm 8:16
4.  Vibe Tribe Thriller 146bpm 7:15
5. Freaked Frequency Panic 145bpm 7:31
6. Sixsense Fight 148bpm 6:27
7. Aniki (Nissimyani) Ayawaska Vamos 148bpm 8:25
8. Life Extension Aaliyah 145bpm 8:06
9. Chemical Drive Gshock 143bpm 7:35


I can’t post the promotional thread as usual because I don’t know what is going on with this compilation, I just see it for sale at Sound Shop from Brazil, the other web shops doesn’t have it yet and the web site from Utopia is a bit in the past.

Track 1 by Freaked Frequency (51 Times) starts Pure Imagination with a power and energy bass line, morning melodies and some samples taken from the movie 51º State, in my opinion Benny Damski could choose a better one to start.

Next one is Sixsense – The Hive, quieter than first, power kick, good construction, good progression of sounds, deep melodies, I think the only thing I have to say is listen it, it deserves :)

Ananda Shake – Intensity brings a more intensity track :) Great morning and trippy melodies, nice bass line, totally Ananda Shake style…if you like Emotion in Motion you going to love it, if you doesn’t like it, it’s better not to listen because it’s very very similar.

Next one is Vibe Tribe – Thriller; like almost Vibe Tribe tracks, it has a power kick bass line, beautiful melodies just like only they can do, ideal to finish a party :)

Freaked Frequency – Panic is the second by this project, for me it’s better than the first but not really good, it has a guitar riff that goes all track long, the best part of the track for me is the percussion sounds at the breaks.

Track 6 by Sixsense (Fight) is for me my favourite from Sixsense; it has a lot of energy and power, great progression, some nice guitar sounds, just the women samples is not perfect but in general the track is very good.

Aniki (side project of Nissimyani) give us a track that can easy be confused with a Nissimyani track because of the drug samples and the psy melodies on it…apart from this, the track has a great groove and rhythm.

Life Extension – Aaliyah takes us into a deep and mystic fly, full of suspense, great psy tunes, I just don’t like the constant changes on the bass line.

Chemical Drive – Gshock is the last and my favourite here, it has good psy tunes, all well constructed, great melodies and has a kind of groove all track long that makes you think if you listen it at a party you can’t stop dance!

Talking in general, Pure Imagination 1 in my opinion is a bit better, but Volume 2 is great too…I think that Benny Damski could choose more two projects instead of two tracks from the same project (Freaked Frequency and Sixsense); my favourites here are undoubtedly track 6 and 9 but I really like too 2 and 4, 8/10 :)

Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler



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