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Based in the surrounding, scenic mountains of Geneva, Digital Shamans Records is one of the fastest rising labels in the Pystrance world right now.


The project was set up by Nico Z3nkai, who was already known round Europe for rocking dance floors with Psynon records. He dedicated a part of his life to finding the freshest, most killer producers and DJs across the globe in an attempt to encourage and work with them to make the best music they could. In particular he did this with artists such as Aragorn, Act One, Mel, Dj Darkam, Niria, Dj Ane Trippy Mjaumix and Dj Psy'n'ethik.

Within a year they were all getting flown around the world to play their sounds and spread the Digital Shamans word. With all this success it was decided they should release a CD compilation album to solidify their imprint on the scene. Together with all the contacts, they had made around the globe, they put together their first Va, Altered Gravity compiled by Z3nkai. This very quickly entered the psy-shop CD charts and was heard being played by the scenes biggest DJs and listeners alike. They continued to release amazing music with EPs from Aragorn, Act One and Z3nkai himself which all headed straight to the top of the Ektoplazm charts received praise and support from all corners of the scene. 1 year on, they released a second CD: Chimerical Prophets compiled by Dj Darkam and Psy’n’ethic which took the world by storm.

Within a week it entered the top ten on the CD charts and had tracks featured from the scene's biggest and best producers. They also started a series of digital releases called Bionic Generations compiled (of which they are now on their second instalment). This also gained massive exposure and featured nearly every single producer on the label. By this stage the demo tunes and signing requests had started flowing in and they had become a sought after label which many people wanted to become a part of. Nico listened to everything the world had to offer and decided to sign a few more artists. Some new Live : Axawaya and Aknoyd, and some new DJs : Dj ane Toxic Tegan (who compiled Bionic Gen 2, right after she got in) and Telepathic Frequencies joined the roster to further spread the music and they fitted right in! This took their operations to the next level and they began touring like never before. They now have label parties booked all across Europe and have started a new series of VA releases called Organic Species (vol1 will be compiled by Dj Telepathik Frequencies) and will continue to do yearly CD releases. Mel and Aknoyd’s Ep will be available in 2016 as well. They are always open for bookings and cannot wait to see you all around at festivals or clubs!

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