Boom Festival 2016, Portugal-Report about Baby Boom this year

First of all a big "Thank you" for that special offer to the Boom Team! Like every year - the Boom Team opens a special part of Boom area for the children. 

The youngest are welcome to be with their parents at this beautiful place and enjoy the energy.

"The Baby Boom is a quiet beautiful area of Boom dedicated to the youngest and their parents. This playground is an ideal restring place for children from 3-12 years old. The Baby Boom is offering workshops on: use of natural materials, massage and reiki, yoga mornigs, make-your-own-toys, alternative education, conscious food and many others.

Moreover, there will be cinema evenings - two movies per night, one recommended for children up to six years old, focusing on human cinsciousness and ecological conversation, and the another one for the parents to stimulate brainstorming about alternative ways of learning. Because we believe in free education and in the importance of looking to each child as an individual human being."

bf16 babyboom

 On Boom Website you will find further information about kids at Boom Festival. Click here! (Picture taken from Boom Website)



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