• Act One

    Act One is the project of 21 year old producer hailing from Sheffield in the UK.

  • Aknoyd

    Aknoyd is the result of the psychedelic mind of the musician Sérgio Sampaio, which got involved on his early days producing psytrance events in Bahia state, Brazil.

  • Antaris Festival 2016, Germany

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  • Apis

    Apis aka Álvaro was born in Portugal and breathes music since he was born. His first passion was techno, but he´s always had an open mind on the different music genres and styles, which is one of his strong points as a DJ.

  • Apis

    Big Thanks to Apis from Portugal!

  • Aragorn Project

    The Aragorn project stems from a passion for elves and the Tolkien universe. Passionately fond of all kind of music, he discovered Psytrance in 1997.

  • Ashoka, Poland

    Ashoka - A group of friends, acquaintances and lovers smoothly varieties of psychedelic sounds inspired by music, creativity and art derived from Buddhism, and distant India, decides to create a more formal group. So it comes as a project Ashoka.

  • Axawaya

    Axawaya is the psychedelic music project of Guillaume B. Raised in Lima (Peru) he got interested in music since he was ten and wanted to play guitar.

  • Birthday Psy Bash 2016, Germany

    birthday psy bash

  • BOOM Festival 2016, Portugal

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  • Boom Festival 2016, Portugal-Report about Baby Boom this year

    First of all a big "Thank you" for that special offer to the Boom Team! Like every year - the Boom Team opens a special part of Boom area for the children. 

  • Burning Mountain Festival 2016, Switzerland

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  • Cosinus

    Thrilling sets of poweful underground Psy Trance come from Cosinus, a Dj and Sounddesigner for Sangoma Records, Germany.

  • Cosinus

    Beautiful Set from Cosinus -Thank you!

  • Cosmic Vibration, Germany

    The Live Act "Cosmic Vibration" from Munich, Germany has a great start with the first Album "COS". "Cosmic Vibration" are Tom Tiefenbacher, Jens Zygar and singer Tuulia from Finnland.

  • DarKaM

    DarKaM started immersing himself into electronic music in 1998 in Free Party and began with mix in 2000.

  • Digital Shamans Records

    Based in the surrounding, scenic mountains of Geneva, Digital Shamans Records is one of the fastest rising labels in the Pystrance world right now.

  • DOOF Festival 2016, Israel


  • DR Fluffy

    Big thanks to DR Fluffy for this beautiful set!



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