Ashoka, Poland

Ashoka - A group of friends, acquaintances and lovers smoothly varieties of psychedelic sounds inspired by music, creativity and art derived from Buddhism, and distant India, decides to create a more formal group. So it comes as a project Ashoka.



The name refers both to the mystical plants (Saraca indica), known for its magical properties, and the legendary Hindu ruler Asioka, who became famous with policy-based and Ahimsie Dharma (Hindu doctrines of preaching peace).

Project Ashoka as the main objective of the organization is committed to chillout at the scene of events, which dominate the sounds broad variety psychedelic trance. Fluoro incredible scenery, statues 3D, relaxing music, visuals, chai shop, and building a true family atmosphere, through which you will feel like home, is the main domain of Ashoka. Collective now has six people, and although each has assigned a different role in the group, it really connects them one thing – a timeless friendship.

Apparently there is nothing more beautiful than to relax after a good party. Does any of you do not dream often, to sit in a comfortable couch, pull out the tired legs, drink something good, which will quench the desire to enjoy the occasion look wonderful, mystical paintings, all with soothing, relaxing sounds? Ashok overlooks the collective is against these expectations. We are glad because we’re probably the only such team in Poland, one not previously dealt with (ONLY) chillout scene. In our experience of musical events but also provide something for the eye – the world of fractal visualization, and even something of a tooth, a chai shop, everything of course fluorodecorations.

sun, love, peace and chillout....




psychedelic chillout | dub | ambient | downtempo | psybient | glitch |



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