• Phoenix Feuerkünstler

    Author: Fred Giteau
    Date: Apr, 1999

    Wenn Ihr Feuer mögt und wenn Ihr gerne Feuershows seht, dann dürft Ihr auf keinen Fall Phoenix verpassen, der einer der besten Künstler in der Trance- und Crossoverszene ist.

  • Psychedelic Art

  • Sally Green - Air Art

    Author: Sally Green Date: Dec 18, 2003
    With ten years of experience Sally Green produces a wide range of Ultra Violet Artworks encompassing framed artworks, backdrops and large scale wall murals. Sally uses Vivid FX paints to make her artworks more luminous and extremely 3D and her art literally jumps out of the image when lit by black light.

  • Toshiko Horiuchi-MacAdam

    "If you ever get a chance to go to the children’s area of the Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park in Sapporo, Japan then you’ll immediately notice a very cool, colorful landscape of crochet netting that kids can play on.

  • Twisted surreal Art

    Author: Naoto Hattori Date: Aug 29, 2002
    "Naoto Hattori was born in 1975 in Yokohama Japan, studied Graphic Design in Tokyo before moving to New York to study in the School of Visual Arts. In the year 2000 he received a BFA in illustration from the School of Visual Arts.

  • VJ Dom Video Art

    Author: Shakti Twins
    Date: July 20, 1998

    VJ Dom is one half of Shakti Twins. After a life-long interest in all things visual, Dom started computer graphics some 12 months ago.

  • Zeitlos - Der Geist reist. Das Ziel bestimmst du.

    Author: Mat Mushroom
    Date: Mar 20, 1999

    (Taken from Mushroom Magazine #48 / Dec 1998), photos by Zeitlos



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