VJ Dom Video Art

Author: Shakti Twins
Date: July 20, 1998

VJ Dom is one half of Shakti Twins. After a life-long interest in all things visual, Dom started computer graphics some 12 months ago.

She now plays computer animations live from a midi keyboard at and around Shakti Twins' live and Ben's DJ sets. She plays a mix of computer animations, videos and stills prepared with various graphics programs to which she adds live visual effects.

Blending fractals, computer graphics, pop and other cultural archetypes, her creations reach for the subliminal level. She tends to judge the result by the width of the smiles on the viewers' faces. She's been known to invite people to play from her keyboard at parties. The one thing she says she can't do, is play to unispiring music... Dom also designs flyers, mix tapes and record covers. And seems to be getting new orders everytime she performs.







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