• Alchemeyez

    Author: Roberdo Date: Apr 7, 2011
    If you are hanging round on the Hawaii islands in May dont miss this probably most complete visionary and psychedelic arts congress!

  • Alemão Fractal

    Author: Fernando Almao Date: Apr 23, 2003
    I'm from brazil, and I'm interest in fractals because of colours and the complexity.
    I started to do fractals and print them like posters to expose in a club from brazil (Daime tribe's club = Klatu Barada Nikto).

  • Anne Zwiener - Blacklight artist from Austria

    Anne Zwiener is an artist from Austria, painting with blacklight since several years. With her work she tries to bring people into another world, into her dream that is a beautiful illusion of reality.

  • Aura -The Cameleon Performer

    Author: Aura Date: Nov 13, 2003 place of birth: Tenochtitlan (Mexico, city)
    As a performer, is hard to say when and how did all started exactly, since I've been involve with different art forms since I can remmember...
  • Basic Surreal - Tina Zimmermann

    Author: Tina Zimmermann
    Date: Jan 7, 2003

    Digital photographs of natural objects like stones, feathers, nuts, shells etc. are arranged into layered compositions, often in combination with geometrical linework.

  • Biolive

    Author: Rub (Biolive)
    Date: Feb. 2008, Update 2015

    (Decoration/Laser show/light and stage creation) I'm Rub from Biolive (well known organization for his crazy decoration and stage)...

  • Calx - Organic Art

    Author: Calx
    Date: Jan 4, 2003

    Calx has been producing art for Trance artists and events for many years. Working with Twisted Records, Shpongle, Hallucinogen and Tristan to name but a few.

  • Carole Murania

    Carole Murania is an amazing young artist from france. Have a look at this gallery and enjoy the art!

  • Cosmic Stairway

    Cosmic Stairway - Land Art

  • Dimorphic - Blacklight Arts

    Author: Roberdo
    Date: Mar 6, 2010, Update 2015

    Dimorphic is the project of the two painters Wika and Dima.

  • Fluoro Flites Bodypainting

    Author: Natalie
    Date: Mar 20, 1999

    Besonders auf den Open Airs werden sich wieder viele anmalen lassen, um so im Rausch des UV-bestrahlten Dancefloors ein Wochenende lang der Realwelt zu entfliehen.

  • Freaktiles Fluoros by Anja Kemper

    Author: kaic Date: May 19, 2004

  • Goodvision

    Author: Goodvision
    Date: Date: Mar 1, 2010, Update 2014

    Psychedelic paintings and more arts by Igor from Moscow.

  • Interview with Meller

    Author: Slater
    Date: Nov 11, 2003

    Interview with Meller originally written by Slater from

  • J.M.VonKotterhausen - ashes2infinity

    date: 01/25/2006

    text: J.M. VonKotterhausen

    Kotter is an visual artist from the USA. Here´s what he says about himself as artist and his work:

  • Leone psychedelic art

    Author: Leone Date: Sep 10, 2007
    Leone psychedelic art ESSìD NoNaMe born, somewhere; reborn, somewhere else; lives and works, anywhere. based in Amsterdam

  • Murphys Fall

    Author: Skrollan Alwert / Udo Herzog
    Date: Jun 23, 2006

    ((U+C+I) x (10-S))/20 x A x 1/(1-sin(F/10)) - eine Performance für 6 Tage im Kulturforum Altona, Jessenstr. 10

  • Organix divine images

    Author: Teresa Lee
    Date: Apr 27, 1998

    "Organix" besteht aus drei japanischen Künstlern. Sie machen digitale, psychedelische Grafiken jenseits des normalen visuellen Verständnisses.

  • Pablo

    Author: Pablo
    Date: Oct 29, 2003

    I'm 22 years old, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. All my life I have been inspired by psychedelic art and lately I've been feeling the need to give something back.

  • Petrix

    Many people were able to see 2015 at festivals, the art of Petrix. Threads with simple cotton that will glow in black light created its own world.



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