• NoffiART

    NoffiART blacklight decoration, dance floor concepts, object art NoffiART is Christoph “Noffi“ Dannowski, a Southern German deco artist, living close to the Bavarian Alps.

  • Onero

    ONERO (Berlin) Label: Fractal Records Switzerland - The project Onero (David S.) started in Berlin/Germany in Year 2014.

  • Orbital Experiences, Germany

    Orbital Experiences, event design & light art which makes people happy – since 1997.

  • Plastik Park

    Plastik Park is a division of Sprout Music.

  • Plusquam Records

    Germany based independent label fromed by DJ Antaro.

  • Psy Schilly

    Psy Schilly is a Dj hailing from Giessen, Germany. He also manages the psy trance platform "Laws of Nature".

  • Psychedelic Circus 2016, Germany

    Visit Website

  • Psychedelic Experience Festival 2016, Germany

    Visit Website

  • Psyshop

    Author: Sam
    Date: Jan 21, 2008

    Cd Shop for Psy-trance & Goatrance, Progressive DJ Music, CD & Download.

  • PsyTrance Festival Summer 2009 - The movie

    Author: Roberdo
    Date: Feb 05, 2010

    A pretty much superb appetizer for the upcoming summer season:

  • Rettet den Waldfrieden

    Author: Ranger Date: Dec 9, 2004
    Hallo Liebhaber des Waldfriedens!
    Wir haben berechtigte Angst, dass unser Nachbarhaus von unangenehmen Spiessern aufgekauft wird, die uns hier echte Probleme beim Feiern machen werden. Da gibt es nur eins.
    WIR kaufen, mit deiner Hilfe, das Haus und machen ein Goahotel&Jugendherberge daraus!

  • S.U.N Project Dance of the Witches

    Author: Roberdo
    Date: Apr 02, 2009

    Three crazy aliens doing an emergency landing

  • Sandal Wood (Tribal Vision/Germany)

  • Schrittmacher

    The musical journey of Rouven as a deejay began in 1996 with hardtrance and the name "Pacemaker".

  • sG4rY

    sG4rY is an anthropologist, filmmaker, freelance-writer, general adventurist and Psytrance-DJ from Bavaria, currently residing in its beautiful capital Munich. 

  • sG4rY

    Thanks to sG4rY for this great and powerful set!

  • Sha Ka Ree

    Author: Sha Ka Ree
    Date: Nov 10, 1999

    Sha Ka Ree is a promotion agency based in Bochum, Western Germany.

  • Solartech Records

    Solartech Records is a music label based in Hamburg, Germany. With over 20 DJs under contract Solar Records is setup up based on a wide variety and diversity. Besides DJ Booking Solartech is active in event management.  

  • Stubenhocker

    While I was studying in the 90s I began to play Rock & alternative music at Willi's Heartbreak Hotel in Paderborn.

  • Stubenhocker

    Thanks to Stubenhocker for this wonderful set!



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