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NoffiART blacklight decoration, dance floor concepts, object art NoffiART is Christoph “Noffi“ Dannowski, a Southern German deco artist, living close to the Bavarian Alps.


Infected by Psychedelic Trance and Art since 2004, Noffi first decorated small local underground parties around his home area. In 2012 he got his first international booking for a Sangoma Rec. label party at the legendary church in Ruigoord, the hippie village near Amsterdam. Since then, events in Finland (Existence Festival), Netherlands (Entity), Switzerland (Mystica) and all over Germany (Gaggalacka Festival, Alice Im Wummerland). His passion is to design and create whole dance floor concepts: mystical dance temples, geometric and energetic, combined with twisted and colourful psychedelic airbrush artworks. He works with all kind of materials like wood, metal, film, net, etc., but mainly Lycra.


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Sangoma Records Decoration

Visual Artist at Gaggalacka




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