Author: Felicia
Date: Apr 08, 2008

psy space art shirts and more

The figure behind SPACESHIRT.CH is Felicia Brunner from outside of Zurich, Switzerland. Felicia got introduced to Alex DHARMA KAYA by Vadim KALILASKOV AS and she has since joined the BLITZ crew. Originally working on psychedelic clothing for serious party-goers she is now a full time graphic designer, whose exclusive CD covers can be seen not only on Blitz Studios but also on record labels such as PSYSHOP, SAMSARA and PSYSHARK as well as on numerous party fliers from Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Felicia's highest and most controversial point as a CD design artist possibly came when she was asked by Dharma Kaya to design a cover for FULL SERVICE. Having been given very specific instructions Felicia came up with a very vivid image that stirred a hot debate in the global scene and thus gained the compilation big notoriety, not only musically but also graphically...






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