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BOOM! Records - The longest independently running psy-trance label in the Netherlands. The Great news on the releases world is the comeback of BOOM! Records!

Expect the unexpected! BooM! Records is the longest independently running psy-trance label in the Netherlands, homebased in Groningen and was founded in 1996 by Dj Matt BooM! and Remko.

Committed to the original spirit and vibe of psychedelic trance, their releases have featured both well established artists from the trance scene as well as many talented newcomers who they have discovered during their travels around the world.

Many of these newcomers have become well respected artists. Tracks for release are selected on their dancefloor merits. The label sound is varied, but tends towards hard but melodic and uplifting tracks that make the dancefloor rock and the party people smile. An element of humour is another unmissable factor in many releases, partying is supposed to be fun after all...

Some of the many artists that have been featured on BOOM! Records so far include: Principles of Flight, Fractal Glider, Rastaliens, Solar Spectrum, Braincell, Logic Bomb, Battle of the Future Buddhas, Chi Ad, Cosmoon, Quadra, Mindwarped, Synchro, and Ubar Tmar.

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