Gustavo Ollitta, Italy

Gustavo is a beautiful young international circus artist from Brazil, who is living in Turin. He is making researches around Manipulation, Optical Illusion and Circus Technique since 2007.

Gustavo Ollitta is a professional Circus Artist born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1992. He started his researches on Manipulation and Juggling in 2007. Being self-educated for 3 years, he created his own style of performance and manipulation with unique visual juggling tools. In 2011, Gustavo started his professional career with the Biolumini Company, the popular Fire Circus Company from Brazil that performs at music festivals, TV shows and circus conventions, making shows and giving circus classes.

In 2012, Gustavo received the first invitation to perform in Europe at 'Boom Festival 2012' and started his solo career in Italy, where he absolved the 'Professional Contemporary Circus Course' of three years at 'Scuola di Cirko Vertigo', having the opportunity to develop his circus techniques with important circus teachers from the whole world, like Arian Miluka, Fundator of ESAAC, Belgium.

During these three years of intensive work in Europe and making original researches, Gustavo made new creations with important artistic directors, such as Milo & Olivia from Chapitombolo (Italy), Leo Bassi (Spain), Erick Angelier from Chamberry (France). Many TV shows as 'Italia’s Got Talent', 'Colorado Café' - Italy, 'Eren Baski' -Turkey and conferences as 'Global TED Talk', 'TEDx Cannes', 'TEDx Milan' featured him and Circus Shows in more than 14 countries around Europe, Japan, United States of America and Arabian Emirates.

Gustavo Ollitta is currently living in Europe and since the beginning of his career he is still working on infinitive creations of manipulation and circus techniques to impress the audience with unique and mesmerizing performances with your passion in every show.


Have a look at his amazing way to present his art in the following videos. He is creating and sharing the beauty of Arts in Movement around the world. See a complilation of his performances from the last two years in Europe, Brazil and Japan.

Gustavo Ollitta Promo 2014 from Gustavo Ollitta on Vimeo






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