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  • Son Libre Festival 2016, France

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  • Spirit Tribe Festival 2016, China

    Spirit Tribe


    Sunset in the Valley 1


    Venue: 灵族 Spirit Tribe

    Address: Spirit Tribe Village, Taiping, Anning, Yunnan


    for further information click here

  • Stubenhocker

    While I was studying in the 90s I began to play Rock & alternative music at Willi's Heartbreak Hotel in Paderborn.

  • Stubenhocker

    Thanks to Stubenhocker for this wonderful set!

  • TelePathik FreeQuencies

    TelePathik FreeQuencies is Shlomi & Tamir, a New York/Israel based project playing Psychedelic trance music since 2010. We believe in a powerful and groovy bassline with a Psychedelic atmosphere and FreeQuenices that make u MOVE!

  • Terraπ

    By the smiles on people´s faces he saw at trance parties Terraπ a.k.a. Maurice from Germany got immediately fascinated by the culture of psychedelic trance. Now at the age of 26 he provides us with some creaky night time psychedelic at around 146-152 bpm.

  • Terraπ

    Big Thanks to Terraπ alias Maurice for this set "Á Paw Pow"

  • Toxic Tegan

    Tegan began DJing professionally in 2012, after being so inspired by the dark psy-trance at Freedom festival in Portugal.

  • TripPy MjaumiX

    TripPy MjaumiX was born in the Mayan region in Guatemala, but now temperly lives around Scandinavia. Already at an early age she began to become interested in music and it was at age 16 she entered the electro mechanical stage.

  • Universo Paralello 2016, Brazil

    Written by Marina Tavares - Thank you very much!
    Happened on December 27th until January 4th, the 13th edition of the Universe Paralello in Pratigi Island, Bahia. The festival is the most important in Brazil and one of the most important in the world!

  • Upavas

    Upavas is a Dark/Twilight artist living in British Columbia, Canada. Starting as a Dj in the 90´s, Upavas became a producer in 2002. He´s  operating under the label Sangoma Records. 

  • Vinyltreiber

    The DJ-Team VINYLTREIBER was founded by Djane Jessi M. a.k.a. AnkhSunaMoon and Carsten M. alias MirtschFS in the year 2004!

  • Vinyltreiber

    Wonderful set from Vinyltreiber exclusive for Chaishop!

  • Visua

    Rodrigo Raggi is a Progressive Psy Trance artist from Mexico, that performs under the name Visua.

  • Z3nkai

    Z3NKAI is a Swiss born dj and producer who discovered the world of psychedelic trance in a cave in Geneva. From that moment on he could not stop anymore.



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