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  • Dsompa

    Dsompa is the Tibetan meaning for “flowing together”, and is the project of Philipp based in Hamburg, Germany, a passionate Dj and producer.

  • Earthquake Open Air Gathering 2016, Germany

    Visit on Facebook

  • Ektoplazm.com

    The Ektoplazm free Music Portal Ektoplazm is a site devoted to psychedelic trance (psytrance), a distinct form of electronic dance music and a vibrant global counterculture.

  • Fluffy Witch and Vici

    Fluffy Witch (Miriam) is a decoration and performance artist from Wellerode near Kassel, born in 1978.

  • Freqs of Nature 2016, Germany

    Visit Website

  • Gaggalacka Festival 2016 Aftermovie

    What an unforgettable Dream! Even we ourselves can’t believe to what our baby, the Gaggalacka, has grown to. This AfterMovie shows the many faces of this festival.

  • Gaiazentrix

    Thanks to Gaiazentrix for this wonderful set!

  • Geo Paradise 2016, Panama


    These days in Panama, at the caribbean coast are more than only a dance festival. These days are full of positive energy, relaxation, spirituality, opportunities for new experiences, dance, exchange and communication.

    "GeoParadise works with native communities to preserve their cultural identity, create a cooperative network for resource sharing, and facilitate the connection between communities in need and those with the resources and skills to help. Through indigenous representative groups, we reach out to communities, offering assistance to address current needs. We encourage the communities to propose projects, implementing them if they are in line with our charitable goals. Our goal is to provide basic necessities and education, promote the arts and engage skillful volunteers. We aim to develop programs which will have a lasting effect, creating long term leverage within the communities they serve. These programs are primarily run by GeoParadise and its volunteers, although we do work in cooperation with other non-profit organizations, schools, and foundations.(...)"


    For more information visit the Website.

  • Goabase.net

    The team of goabase.net is activ since the nineties, the user has different possiblities. The most important option is, that users can self-register festivals or parties worldwide.

  • Gustavo Ollitta, Italy

    Gustavo is a beautiful young international circus artist from Brazil, who is living in Turin. He is making researches around Manipulation, Optical Illusion and Circus Technique since 2007.

  • Hai in den Mai 2016, Germany


  • Impressions of Universo Paralello 13, Brazil

    Universo Paralello 13/ Pratigi Island, Bahia. Have a look at this really amazing video impressions! (made by Chinchulive - Jorge Martin Lerose)

  • Interview with Cosmic Vibration

    Interview with Jens, Thomas and Tuulia from „Cosmic Vibration“ Thank you very much!

  • Kosmos Festival 2016, Finland

    Visit Website

  • Kupuri Festival 2016, Mexico

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  • Lebendige Menschen

    Analoge Elektronik trifft auf Live-Schlagzeug und Didgeridoo, kein Laptop, kein Playback, alles LIVE!!

  • Links

  • Looney Moon Records

    Seriously mad dance floor bangers.

  • LSD Events, Germany

    LSD-Events alias ET from Leipzig, Germany offers great psychedelic decoration including objekt art, 3D and UV-Light decoration.

  • MAE & MOA

    MAE & MOA is a Decoration Team, doing Black-light paintings, Lycra installations and LED 3-D Objects for Party`s Festivals and events.



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