Cosmic Stairway

Cosmic Stairway - Land Art

The team of "cosmic stairway" creates wonderful natural decorations and installations, especially designed and set in scene with light and of course in the integrated environment.Created with great attention to detail of art touch. the materilalien they used come from nature.

It´s just a huge passion to roam around and discover – it´s simply our way of life. We are travelling and working, love what we do – live what we love. Konstanze completed her Bachelor in Fine Arts – she studied in Germany (Hildesheim) and Portugal (Caldas da Rainha). After various activities in institutions and associations she accomplished the goal of working as a freelancer. Nelsons profession is Glass and Ceramic Design – he finished the Bachelor in Portugal (Caldas da Rainha). His focus of  multidisciplinarity involve him since 2010 in several projects around the world.

Love what we do - live what we love.

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