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  • Mundo de Oz, Brazil

    Here are some beautiful video impressions of "Mundo de Oz Festival" in Brazil. Enjoy!

  • Murilo Ganesh

    Murilo Ganesh é um dos mais destacados fotógrafos profissionais da cena alternativa nacional .

  • Mystical Pics

    Mystical Pics

  • Neon Festival, Turkey

    Here are some beautiful video impressions of "Neon Festival" in Turkey. Enjoy!

  • Neurobiotic Records

    Neurobiotic Records was the first psychedelic-trance label based in Italy, and still is at the forefront of the psytrance scene, producing some of the most cutting-edge releases. 

  • Nicolas Desfontaine

    Nicolas Desfontaine

  • Noisely Festival, England

    Here are some beautiful video impressions of "Noisely Festival" in England. Enjoy!

  • Onero

    ONERO (Berlin) Label: Fractal Records Switzerland - The project Onero (David S.) started in Berlin/Germany in Year 2014.

  • Own Spirit Festival, Spain

    Here are some beautiful video impressioons of "Own Spirit Festival" in Spain. Enjoy!

  • Participation

    There are various opportunities for you to participate at Chaishop.com!

    We are open for all people who are willing to support Chaishop with their art or work or ideas. There is always something to do! We are especially looking for people who:

    • write festival reports from your own country.
    • write articles on other topics.
    • Photography - Have you taken pictures at fesivals or are you interested in photography?
    • Historical documentation - Are you interested in working on a Psy trance history?

    Maybe you have a topic on mind that hasn't been covered on this site yet. Don't hesitate to contact us emailButtonhere.

  • Petrix

    Many people were able to see 2015 at festivals, the art of Petrix. Threads with simple cotton that will glow in black light created its own world.

  • Plastik Park

    Plastik Park is a division of Sprout Music.

  • Plusquam Records

    Germany based independent label fromed by DJ Antaro.

  • Psy Harmonics

    Psy-Harmonics is an Australian independent record label specialising in electronic music.

  • Psy Schilly

    Psy Schilly is a Dj hailing from Giessen, Germany. He also manages the psy trance platform "Laws of Nature".

  • Psytrance History

    We would like to create an historical overview of the psytrance culture and preserve the memory of the people who gave all their energy to sculpt the scene as we know it today. Visit Psy Trance History and feel welcome to take part and complete our history!

  • Pulsar Festival, Brazil

    Here are some beautiful video impressions of "Pulsar Festiva"l in Brazil. Enjoy!

  • Ressonar Festival, Brazil

    Here you can find some nice video impressions of Ressonar Festival in Brazil.

  • Revolution Festival, Brazil

    Here you can find some beautiful video impressions of Revolution Festival in Brasil. Enjoy!

  • Samsara Festival 2015, Brasil

    Festival Review by Marina Tavares (Brazil): "One more edition of Samsara happened in Brazil. This was the 16° edition showing why this is one of the best festivals of Brazil.



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